Secret Monkey Science

iPhone & iPad Development

Professional Developers For Your iOS Apps & Web Services

We may have a funny name, but our work speaks for itself. We've developed highly successful independent apps such as, FaceJack, Dinosaur Fun and Screencasts. Our apps have been downloaded over 50,000 times, featured in Apple’s “What’s Hot” category, and demoed at the Mobile Learning Experience 2011.

We provide development and consulting services to companies and individuals looking to bring their ideas or products to iOS devices. We also specialize in API development (website backend) on several platforms including Ruby on Rails and Node.js.

Andrew and Josh have been creating apps as Secret Monkey Science since 2010, and have nearly 30 years combined experience developing for iOS and the web. They also created the highly-successful, which provides free developer tutorials for popular programming languages.

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What People Say

"Not only is FaceJack for iPad ($.99) fun and easy to use, but it's a solid example of a well-developed app for iOS: minimal controls, simple interface, top-quality result and excellent use of the touch screen."

“My favorite app so far is called FaceJack...It's simple, easy and in my opinion, INCREDIBLE!”